Musings of a PR Professional

Chapter Fourteen

  • The new global economy effects organizations and companies in a very important way-communication with international corporations is inevitable, and can at times be difficult. However, successful public relations realizes and caters to the various differences that exist between cultures.
  • To interact with another culture appropriately one must first understand the culture. Marlene Rossman established a system for distinguishing and learning about different cultures. The system takes a look at eight attitudes toward cultural characteristics: Attitudes about time, attitudes about formality, attitudes about individualism, attitudes about rand and hierarchy, attitudes about religion, attitudes about taste and diet, attitudes about colors, numbers, and symbols, and attitudes about assimilation and acculturation.
  • “In successful cross-cultural communication, senders must understand how a message will be decoded before they can effectively encode it” (p. 467).
  • Nine-step process for achieving effective cross-cultural communication: 1. Awareness  2. Commitment  3. Research  4. Local Partnership (Bring in a member of the culture to work on organization’s own communications team)  5. Diversity (On the communication team) 6. Testing (On a trusted member of the culture beforehand)  7. Evaluation  8. Advocacy  9. Continuing Education

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