Musings of a PR Professional

Honey, I’m home!

Last night was our first PR Stakeholder class of this semester when we actually started to delve (back) into the world of the Internet and social media as it relates to PR. I had gone on a mini-haitus, you could say, over winter break and honestly, I really wish I hadn’t. While I am finding it pretty easy to jump back in (the online monitoring report exercise we did last night in class went pretty well, if I do say to myself), I feel like there’s so much I missed and I’m reallyhoping I didn’t lose my knack for blogging!

When I began this blog last semester in Dr.V‘s PRinciples class I didn’t do a post like I’m about to, though in hindsight I really wish I had. So, no time like the present right? I dedicate this post to the goals I have for myself for this semester (and on). I have two that I really want to focus on:

  1. Be more creative. I talked about in class about how I was worried about being bold in PR, when Dr.V pointed out a postI wrote last semester about my desire to start blogging with more pizazz. So, I want to remove my foot from my mouth and vow to start thinking outside the box, not only here but when coming up with PR strategies as well. I want to wow readers and prove to potential employers that I can problem solve in innovative and creative ways.
  2. Be the best writer I can be. I want to learn how to master all, yes all, of the different writing styles and be able to call upon those different styles depending on the situation. Right now my writing style strength is definitely scholarly (thank-yooouu every academic class I’ve ever taken) so I want to hone my other skills, such as the succinct and attention-grabbing writing style used for news releases. I want to prove that I am adaptive.

So there they are, for everyone to see. Maybe you can help keep me on point and let me know how I’m doing throughout the semester. Here we go…


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