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Cheerleaders for Social Media

As I’m sitting in class on Twitter, I saw a very interesting tweet come up on my feed from Kipp Bodnar (blog, twitter) who was actually retweeting Chris Brogan (blog, twitter) who found a very, very useful blog post about how to get, not only your bosses, but anyone and everyone to take social media seriously. People need to see that the online community’s voice is growing and becoming more and more pertinent to organizations and companies every day. It’s a compilation of about 20 or so sites (blogs, videos, etc.) championing social media. (Brogan is actually featured as one of the links on the post as well).

Many, many times last semester we talked about how important it is to crunch those numbers to prove to management why PR is essential. Now, this blog post comes along and does the same thing for social media… FINALLY. Here are a couple of my favorites from list:

Check them out! And please return if you ever feel like you’re lacking the motivation to keep up online.


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