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Music makes the world go ’round

I have kind of been tweeting about this a lot in the past couple of days, but I was thinking about it last night (when I should have been reading chapter after chapter for other classes) and decided it was definitely worthy of an entire blog post.

The other day I was catching up on my blog reading and came across Cheryl Harrison’s (tiwtter) two blog posts about two radio shows she had done recently. On one she was a guest DJ and on the other is is actually her own show that comes on every Sunday from 9-11 pm that she calls the Before School Special. Both of these posts are good PR for a number of different things.

First, good PR for CD 101 (the station on which she was a guest DJ):

  • People following her blog (like moi) are immediately exposed to the radio station and what they have to offer. After reading her blog post about it and listening to her guest segment I went on to surf around CD 101’s website to find out what they’re all about and what they had to offer me. I liked the music she played and as such was motivated to (and have) revisited their site several times to see what they’re playing and what people are talking about up in Columbus where the station is centered.
  • Also, she gave her readers the opportunity to listen to her segment which not only exposes them to the radio station, but also that anyone can be apart of their DJ world through segments like Cheryl’s. This interactive element of guest DJing sets CD101 apart from other stations and makes it more personal sending the message that this is a radio station for you.

Second, (more) good PR for Twitter (the Before School Special):

  • Again, she included an audio of her  show in the blogpost she wrote about it and those that listened to hear that she is actually taking requests for songs directly from tweets people are @ing her on Twitter. While this may seem like a really straight-forward and easy way to take requests, I would have neverthought about radio stations using Twitter in a million years. Maybe that’s just me being close minded but when I heard her doing this, I really loved the idea. Using Twitter for this is so easy- it’s quick, easy to keep track of, and relatively inconvenient. So, people are exposed to yet another way Twitter is extremely applicable today.

Finally, good PR for Cherly Harrison and the Before School Special:

  • I’ve been tweeting and now blogging up a storm about how much I enjoy her radio shows. So she and the Before School Special being gettingPR via, if nothing else, word of mouth and the message exposure my little hole in the wall blog and Twitter account have been doing.

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  1. Yay – I’m glad you liked my radio shows so much that I earned a spot in your blogosphere! Don’t forget good PR for the Marketing firm a work for, which I name dropped a lot on both shows, which I personally think they should have paid me more for 😉

    Great post and thanks for reading, Erin!

    – Cheryl

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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