Musings of a PR Professional

Looks for Life Fundraiser

On Thursday, January 29th, I lost one of my good friends from my hometown, Casey, to suicide. While the circumstances are tragic, I have found an example of good PR that has really touched me and the members of the community who knew her. I was invited by one of my friends who was also very close to Casey on Facebook to join the event page for Looks for Life. Looks for Life is an all-day fundraiser in which LOOKS Salon and Spa is offering its services for half price and then donating all of their profits to support Grassroots for Suicide Prevention. There will be free food, music, and and a silent auction and raffle as well to raise money.

This is absolutely wonderful PR for LOOKS Salon and Spa. Employees of LOOKS have been touched by suicide and for seven years now have banded together to support one another and others who have been effected too. The business holds a position in which it can do something to help decrease instances of suicide and has shown its compassion and caring for the community by putting together this event. This company does not have to take a day out of the year to cut their profits for a good cause, but they do which establishes impeccable credibility (through goodwill) and shows that there is an important and valued link between them and the members of  their publics.


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