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Bye-bye writer’s block

I am sitting here a week after spring break trying to go through the 100 or so blog posts I missed while I was away. Simultaneously I am actively thinking about them to see if I have anything to say in response. I am in the mood to blog, but as we all know, being in the mood to write doesn’t necessarily warrant a blog post. Since I take a lot of pride in my blog, I like to take my time and think through what I want to write about before I sit down and actually post. A goal I have: No verbal spew.

So, as I was perusing the posts, I came across (yet another) really great post from Chris Brogan indicative of my mood called 20 Blog Topics to Get You Unstuck. In the post, he gives 10 questions and then 10 fill in the blank statements that could serve to get the writing ball rolling. Most of the questions and fill in the blanks are geared more towards people in the professional world but there are definitely a few that are applicable to PR students and their blogging.
For example, I find number 1 question What have I read lately? What points were interesting? Can I add more to it?  and number 2 question What bugs me? Can I write about another way to approach it? especially intriguing. I also like number 4 fill in the blank Here are some new ways to ________. because it potentially encourages one to think about things in new ways and really expand their minds.
There are tons more pertinent (to the PR student blogger) questions and fill in the blanks that Brogan offers so you should definitely look to his post if you ever, like I do from time to time, suffer from writer’s block.

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