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Colbert Interview with Twitter Co-Founder

Via the High Tech PR Blog’s post No Twit Here: Twitter Co-Founder vs Colbert a Win for Biz Stone, I was pointed in the direction of the interview that occurred last Thursday, April 2nd on the Colbert report between Stephen Colbert and Biz Stone (the Twitter co-founder). Before reading Lois Paul’s reflection on the interview, I clicked the link to watch a video of it myself.

Facts I found interesting:

  • Twitter was a side project they worked on while working for another company.
  • Began with the idea that Twitter would be connected to mobile messaging (wasn’t just an application after-thought)
  • The reason they picked 140 characters (rather than the 160 character limit of text messaging) was to leave room for a username.
  • Twitter will eventually generate revenue.

Quotes I found informative/interesting:

  • “Messaging service we didn’t know we needed until we had it.”
  • “We’ve got to keep pushing.” Stone brings the audience’s attention to the fact that methods of communication are constantly evolving and with the birth of technology and the Internet, that growth is occurring at exponential rates. It is his belief that we shouldn’t just rely on our current methods of communication, but we need to keep discovering and trying new things that improve the communication effectiveness and the connections effective communication can foster.
  • “140 characters is actually a lot more than you think it is and creativity is definitely inspired by that constraint.” Twitter isn’t just another communication medium. It challenges people to actually think about and craft what they want to say to an audience. It encourages new ways of talking (and thinking) about things.

Overall, I think Stone does a great job of getting his points across. Obviously when dealing with an interviewer such as Stephen Colbert, making good points you want to be taken seriously can be hard with a comedian constantly making jabs at them. However, Stone does a great job by laughing along with the jokes. Also, he kept the number of his points to a minimum and they were concise enough so that he could state his claim before the next question or joke was fired at him.

Additionally, I think it was a good choice for Stone to do the interview. By speaking with Colbert, he acquainted the viewers of the Colbert Report, who many of which may not be aware of what Twitter is or may have even never heard of it before, with Twitter. It gave him a chance to his piece on something that is new and unfamiliar to a lot of people to increase exposure and ultimately communicators on Twitter.

What do you think?


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