Musings of a PR Professional


This semester on PROpenMic, my personal goal was to get my feet wet and understand basically how the networking site works. In that respect, I think I accomplished my goal and did well to interact with others on the site. Mostly, I explored and listened to determine the appropriate topics to be addressed and way of expressing myself on the site. Also, listening ended up helping me determine what PROpenMic can actually do for me.

Overall, I like the site a lot because it is geared very much toward students. The atmosphere of the site is relaxed in that I feel that fellow students are the most common people with accounts on the site. Also, it feels as though I can ask questions to whomever, and not have to worry about being judged in some way but also get an answer that is valuable. For instance, I think my biggest contribution this semester on PROpenMic is also the most helpful thing I have gained from it. About two months ago at the end of February, I started a discussion by asking the question: What do you think makes a good blog comment? I got a lot of great feedback from all different types of people. All of it was very nice and reassuring, one woman even provided a helpful link. I think the most helpful response however, was from a man named Phil Gomes who said that a good comment should always add to the conversation.

Additionally, I absolutely love the fact that Robert French, the creator of PROpenMic, is extremely active with the site. On my discussion post alone, he commented twice, one of which was a response to a student who had replied. His involvement  makes me believe that PROpenMic has the potential to be a a great place where PR professionals, students, and professors can all come together and engage in an open and informative conversation. I know that already I have learned a lot from the site, just reading and following different groups’ discourse and different discussions I find interesting.

In the coming months, I hope to continue to cross-post from my main blog. Although I have been doing that this semester, continuing to do so would definitely help me get my ideas out there and also learn from people’s responses to the  posts. I would also like to continue to expand my presence on PROpenMic. I would like to become friends and network with more people on the site. I believe I can learn from the professionals and professors and I believe I can find a great support group in the students on the site who share my perspective on PR.


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