Musings of a PR Professional

Nikki Haley for SC Governor

Because we are in the midst of an election right now, and this class is about social change, one of our projects for the semester is to follow a campaign and analyze its effectiveness. I have chosen to follow the Nikki Haley. Haley is running for Governor of South Carolina as a Republican. I have chosen to follow her campaign for two main reasons. First, she is fairly well-known on the national level, due to the affair scandal that broke in the news earlier this summer and I am interested to see how her camp handled this issue. Second, because she is a candidate in South Carolina, I think I will have greater access to her campaign materials and more opportunities to actually hear her speak which will make my political PR analysis more comprehensive.

After a preliminary review of Haley’s campaign, biography, her platforms, who endorses her, I have determined that this campaign is reaching the following audiences:

  • South Carolinians
  • Republicans, particularly those that lean more conservative.
  • Members of the Tea Party
  • Women and Minorities:  Is one herself so people in these subgroups can identify with her.
  • Business owners: One of her main platforms is to cut government spending to help taxpayers.
  • People of varying ages: Her use of social media, which is understood to be an effective way to reach younger demographics, may be an indication that she is trying to reach younger, potentially less-tapped age groups as well as older ones through traditional means and social media.

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