Musings of a PR Professional

Chapter 3: Understanding Social Networks

I have been on Twitter for about two and a half years now. I was more active the first year and a half, and have slacked off since then for a number of reasons, but I have recently begun to tweet again. I have consistently had the passing thought wondering if anyone and who was looking at my tweets. So, after readings this chapter, I decided to map my social network.

I used TweetStats and here is a portion of what the analyzing tool came up with:


Just by taking a quick look at these results, it’s clear that I interact rarely (which I do admit) and with a limited number of people. It is one of my goals to expand my social network, and if I am to do so via Twitter I clearly need to start reaching out to more, different people in order to be engaging. I need to up my percentage for “Replies To” to at least 50% to start and hopefully I can work my way up from there.

Additionally, I think this analysis is a great example of how influential hubs are in a network. The text mentions Chris Brogan as an example of an influential free agent hub. The fact that I have retweeted him the most indicated just how influential he really is- it’s not just the authors attesting to his credibility, but I am a real life example of someone he has never met, yet nonetheless reached on multiple occasions.

The vastness and strength of social networks are great. If this analysis and chapter has given me anything, it is the motivation to up my Twitter game and connect with more people.


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