Musings of a PR Professional

Chapter 4: Creating a Social Culture

This blog post is going to be dedicated to a big shout out to my current boss. Since the beginning of May, I have done the public relations and marketing for the Toussaint Law Firm in Seneca, SC. My boss’ name is Scott, and I am applauding him in this post because he very involved with the social media aspect of my job.

A main point being made throughout this chapter was that organizational change will not happen, particularly in reference to social media, if the organizational leaders are not committed to it. They must be willing to learn about social and changing. I am lucky in this respect because Scott understands that he has to put the law firm out there and not fear losing control of what people say about TLF.

However, while he doesn’t always understand everything about social networking sites and how they work, he uses me as a resource, another tip that the book gives regarding how to ease organizational leaders into the social media scene. When he has questions about Facebook and Twitter, he does not hesitate to ask me and we always work together until he understands what’s going on and I understand what he wants me to do with these tools.

Also, he understands that it’s not just about a one-way stream of information about the law firm to anyone that will listen. He encourages me to promote community events and the like, and trusts that I will be able to find information for our Facebook fan page and Twitter page that our fans and followers will find useful and interesting for their everyday lives. When I tell him about the conversations I have had on these sites, he is thrilled. Not because he got a new client out of it, but because he knows more than any professional I have ever worked with, that good relationships are the key to success.


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