Musings of a PR Professional

Getting the ball rolling again on our video

We got in touch with Safe Harbor! Hallelujah!

A woman from Safe Harbor got in touch with us last night and this morning and we now have scheduled time to come film a client and the shelter! We will be interviewing the client tomorrow morning. Hopefully she will be willing to talk about her experiences and we don’t have to pry! It is such a sensitive issue that we are going to have to approach everything very delicately and with prudence. We are not sure about how anonymous she wants to be, so we will cross that bridge when we get there. Also, we believe that the nature of her story will determine the ultimate angle that the final video will take. Once we are done filming we are going to head to the shelter and collect a bunch of b-roll footage that we will use to splice into her story. We will also be showing statistics and moving quotes from her story throughout the video to add interest and keep things moving.

Getting all of this coordinated and gathering the equipment we need to film has been stressful, but we finally have it going. Lights, camera, action!

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