Musings of a PR Professional

Our trip to Safe Harbor

This past Friday myself and my two group members made the drive to Greenville to Safe Harbor’s administrative offices and then later to the shelter. There, we met former Safe Harbor client Deborah, the woman who was beyond brave enough to share her story with us, and in a few weeks once editing is done, the world.

Jacki and Laura (the two other women in my group) filmed while I served as the person whom Deborah looked at while she told her story. I only had to prompt her but once towards the end, which we are so thankful for. Her story flowed beautifully. It seemed as though she was reading my mind, every time that I would think of something to ask her that I wanted her to touch on, she did just seconds later. We really could not have asked for a better interviewee.

After we were done with the interview, we drove to the Safe Harbor shelter to film b-roll of the different rooms. Again, the people there were very helpful and I think we got a lot of good stuff that we can splice in!

The only glitch that we have really dealt with thus far has been the sound. The microphone that Clemson lent us was not compatible with the camera we were using, and we were unable to find a mic that would work so we have to use the audio from the camera. Hopefully we will be able to adjust the volume and quality once we sit down to edit. We plan to start making edits next Monday, once we are all back from Thanksgiving break.


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