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I commented on Chris Brogan’s blog post in which he discusses what it really means to create a social media presence online, specifically in regards to Ford’s Fiesta Movement project. Check out his post, and I’d also recommend looking at what Ford’s doing with this  new project, I’d love to hear what you think about what they’re doing and whether or not you’ll think it will sell more cars.

I also commented on Todd Defren’s blog post in which he talks about the Twitterati backlash that occurred as a result of Oprah joining the site.


I commented on Dave Fleet’s blog post in which he muses on the existence of a personal and professional line on the Web.

Comment on Is communication ambiguous?

Comment on Alyssa Maute’s post.

Comment on PR Gaffe

I commented on Dr.V’s PR Gaffe post. Go read it, it’s too funny!