Musings of a PR Professional

Engaging in the Blogoshpere: Responses

Local Yoga Studio

I would advise the local yoga studio to blog about the benefits of doing yoga. The appropriate place for the essential who, what,where, and when for the yoga studio should be included in the about me page so it is not necessary to include this information in the regular blog posts. The angle they take should be that yoga is extremely beneficial to health. Each of the individual blogs posts could be about different ways in which it is beneficial and supplemented by blog posts about special events or new classes the studio is offering. So, the niche should be that of health, leisure, relaxation, and entertainment.

They should blog about not only the benefits, but explain how those benefits of doing yoga are applicable to their reader’s lives. The blog posts should make their readers understand that the benefits are extremely necessary in their readers lives and that taking a yoga class is a very easy way to reap those benefits. Also, they should blog in such a way that encourages feedback. Asking questions at the end of blog posts such as, “What do you know about yoga” would tell them how much or how little their audience understands about yoga. Or, they could ask, “How do you relax?” and later find a way to tie in the way they relax normally to a yoga class.

Edelman Autheniticities Engagement Exercise

  • Justin: I would engage Justin by asking him first how often he goes hiking and camping, to get an idea of how active he is and how strenuous his activities are. I want him to know I’m interested in his hobbies. Then I would ask him if he’s ever considered doing yoga- it is exercise and keeps you fit like hiking and it relaxes you like a good glass of wine. I would be concerned that he would not care about it because it does not have to do with video games, but I could address this issue by bringing up the point that yoga expands and strengthens your mind and could lead to better thinking processes that could get him ahead in his games.
  • Victoria: Since Victoria writes about the happenings in her city, I would begin by asking her if she’s ever heard of or seen the local yoga studio. It’s the only one in the city and it has a great location so its easily accessible to many people. I would then ask her if she’s ever tried yoga, and even if she has or has not, should come by and try out a class- it’ll relieve some stress  she may have from that Tory mayoral candidate winning the election.
  • Cindy: For Cindy, I would definitely highlight the benefits and therapeutic values of yoga. Cindy blogs about domestic violence issues, so her content is very intense. However, I first ask her if she’s ever considered giving advice on her blog about how to cope with domestic violence. If she would like to do that I would tell her that yoga is very relaxing and therapeutic and could do wonders for victims.