Musings of a PR Professional

BB Reading Assignment 2

What PR is not

This blog post is saying more of what chapter 13 harped on in our class textbook: PR and marketing are different but they work together. PR focuses on many publics while marketing focuses only on the consumer.

I think the idea of trying to define PR by describing what is is not is a good idea, in theory. It started out working fine but then became confusing to me. In some definitions the author, Bill Sledzik, would acknowledge how PR helps this aspect or how the other aspect is a subset of public relations. For example, the author admits “Sales people often benefit from the good works of public relations people… And because sales people are the organizations front-line storytellers, it behooves PR to understand their needs and to support them in the efforts.”  It seems to me that PR is much too integrated into many of the communication aspects of an organization to try and pull it out of contexts and define it. Sure, PR is not simply marketing, but it’s unfair to deny the fact that the two are very much related (and are even more successful when they are).

Chapter Thirteen

  • Integrated Marketing Communications: (IMC) Revolutionizing the world of mass-marketing. Today, more specific messages are being sent to smaller groups of people. Organizations seek information about consumers so there is a constant flow of information between the two.
  • It is important to send one clear message in an IMC campaign as to not confuse consumers. However, PR can at times send a slightly different message in order to bring up an issue that would make buying the product necessary.


  • Public relations, advertising ans marketing work together. However, where advertising and marketing focuses only on the consumer public, public relations focuses on all publics.
  • The four P’s of marketing are: Product, price, place, promotion where PR comes into play at promotion. 

Kevin Dugan Phone Call

Today, class was a very cool experience. For about ten to fifteen minutes of class time, we were given the opportunity to listen to Kevin Dugan, a very prominent and successful person in the PR world on the phone. Our professor called him and asked him to explain a typical day in his life, as well as give a short overview of what his job entails.

Currently Dugan is the director of marketing communications at FRCH Design Worldwide. One thing that really stuck out to me when he was explaining what his job entailed was that PR is not just media relations. That seems to be a very common misconception about PR and to be very honest, not too long ago I was a victim of it. But that is why I was so grateful to hear from him. He provided three wonderful words of advice that one should follow if they were interested in getting an internship with him or within the field:

  • Professionalism (Attention to detail)
  • Good writing skills (Have samples such as class pieces or a blog)
  • Passion (Desire to learn)

I’m definitely going to take these three things to heart!