Musings of a PR Professional

“Young PR Professional”

“Young PR professional.” I absolutely adore this quote because I feel like, with this blog, I really am putting myself out there in field. Kipp Bodnar, a PR practitioner for a¬†firm in Raleigh, NC said this today in the closing moments he was on the phone with us. Dr. V¬†telephoned Bodnar to give us another look at what exactly is waiting for us out in the real PR world, and according to Bodnar, quite a bit.

It seem as though there are opportunities abound in the PR field, that it grows every day, if one knows how to present his or herself. Being active online (once again) is very important and something Bodnar stressed in the conversation we had with him. By blogging and tweeting and commenting (and lions and tigers and bears oh my!ing) we are exposing ourselves to PR agencies while simultaneously learning by observation.

“What do you read?” is the first question that popped into his mind when Dr.V asked what he would say in an interview for an internship or job. Although this seems like an innocent question, it’s actually quite the window into a person’s PR soul, if you will. By answering this question, one can learn what people are interested in, what they pay attention to, how they prioritize their information and much more. By simply reading a person can learn so much about anything. I’m certainly going to keep my eyes wide open.