Musings of a PR Professional

Chapter Four

  • As a PR practitioner, it is important to know the type of public you are dealing with. There are many different categories that publics can fall into and the way you work with and manage the relationship between and organization and a specific public depends on what type of public it is. Building the appropriate relationship is key for an organization’s success.
  • A PR practitioner must gather information and really¬†know what makes a¬†certain public tick before s/he can manage a productive relationship with them.
  • Successful PR practitioners will gear their messages toward the way their publics communicate themselves, especially when dealing with “traditional publics” because it is important to not take these publics for granted.
  • Publics are constantly changing. There is new technology, more diversity, a fluctuating economy and countless other aspects of society that are changing the methods PR practitioners must use to handle these publics.