Musings of a PR Professional

Caring is sharing

One thing that all of the different social media tools have in common is sharing. In each of the tools I looked at, sharing was emphasized, usually above all of the other features the tool provided. Since social media is about connections and forming new relationships it is essential that people are able to let others know what is important and interesting to them.

Delicious is one such tool that encourages sharing. People compile all the interesting things they have found on the web as bookmarks on this site. It offers a glimpse into the minds of other people surfing the web and allows you to easily locate people you are compatible with through their bookmarks. On some other social bookmarking sites (i.e. Sphinn) you can even vote to for certain sites to be featured on the homepage. Just another way to really let others know what you think.

Another thing I noticed while going through the social media tools is that they are very interconnected. For example, you can use Picnik to edit photos that you can later upload on Flickr orĀ Facebook. Social media tools on the web work together to essentially make the world smaller.